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U.S. EPA News Releases – Compliance and Enforcement ‘ July 24, 2014

Seven New England Companies Take Action to Improve Oil Spill Prevention Measures under Settlements

BOSTON ‘ Seven companies in New England that store and distribute oil have all created or updated spill prevention plans and come into compliance with federal oil pollution prevention laws, thereby ensuring that the local environment in the communities in which they operate are better protected from the potential of a damaging oil spill.  Companies in Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut and Vermont have agreed to pay penalties ranging up to $9,500 to settle EPA claims that they each violated federal laws meant to prevent oil spills. These settlements were reached under an expedited settlement program whereby EPA agreed to resolve these cases for reduced penalties with companies that were able to quickly correct violations of the Oil Pollution Prevention regulations, had certain minimum storage capacity, and which did not have an accompanying spill.

Most parties subject to federal regulatory penalty proceedings are not so lucky. The penalties imposed by EPA and other federal agencies can easily reach $100,000 depending on circumstances unique to each violation.



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