LineGuardian Leak Prevention System Now on Sale


HALIFAX, NS – Lorax Systems Inc., a Halifax, Nova Scotia environmental solutions company announced today that after six years in the making, its LineGuardian™ fuel leak prevention system is available for purchase by home owners who heat with oil.

“On a broad level, LineGuardian is the world’s first leak prevention technology that is purely mechanical: it can detect even the smallest of leaks – and immediately stop the flow – without power or supervision,” says Lorax president and chief executive officer, Mark Bishoff.

“In the first release of this technology for home heating oil, LineGuardian is an industry-changer,” Bishoff continues, “First, by detecting and stopping leaks immediately, it eliminates the environmental damage and expense of a fuel spill. In addition, it offers advanced fire protection capabilities; stopping the flow of fuel immediately when fire is detected at the tank, the furnace, or the line in between the two.”

Since it received its North American Certification this February, Lorax has been working non-stop to get LineGuardian units to market via a growing network of fuel oil distributors. A licensed technician with those suppliers installs the unit on the fuel tank.

“As we go to market we have tremendous interest from fuel companies and the entire industry,” says Bishoff, “Today we have about 1500 units in distribution with all the home heating companies between Ontario and Newfoundland. As we gain distribution in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning network and create customer interest through oil companies, we are forecasting sales of 20,000 units this year. ”


Bishoff expects this number to grow as Lorax continues to market LineGuardian worldwide, generating appreciation for its environmental and fire safety implications. The Canadian Oil Heat Association Nova Scotia chapter is aware and supportive of the technology. Maine was the first state to implement the technology through a government-funded program. Ontario Code mandates that all commercial operations that use oil install a certified fire safety valve system. As the only certified end to end fire safety valve, it will be LineGuardian used in those applications moving forward. The governments of NS and PEI, and the home insurance industry are also supportive and are in discussions with Lorax about future programs.


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