NORA Releases ‘Biodiesel in Home Heating’ Report

The National Oilheat Research Alliance released it’s comprehensive report on biodiesel and greenhouse gasses.

The report details the increased use of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and finds several benefits from lower maintenance costs, improved efficiency and reduced pollution from heating systems.

It also notes that biodiesel blends at 20%  with ultra-low sulfur heating oil are lower in greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas when evaluated over 100 years. Blends of 2% or more were found to have lower emissions than natural gas when evaluated over 20 years.

The report details some great news for the industry in it’s findings. Beyond the emissions statistics, it also shows how many jobs Bioheat can provide and details suggestions for governments to incentivize biodiesel blends.

The full report can be read online [PDF].

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