ATA Opposes FMCSA’s Proposed Certification Label Rule


On Aug 3 ATA filed written comments to FMCSA’s proposed rulemaking addressing missing Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards certification labels for commercial motor vehicles operated by U.S.–domiciled motor carriers.

ATA informed FMCSA that it adamantly opposes the implementation of this proposed CMV certification label rule for several reasons. First and foremost, there is no safety benefit associated with this “mattress tag” rule, only unnecessary administrative compliance costs. FMCSA also failed to recognize that operational efficiencies for drivers, carriers, and vehicles will be reduced as a result of this proposal.

For example, trailer and chassis interchanges and interlining would be affected, roadside inspection time would increase, driver on duty time due to additional pre and post inspection checks would also increase, as would back-office compliance costs.


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