Wohler USA Launches New Product

Wohler USA announced today the release of the new Wohler GS 300 Gas Sniffer, part number —-.The Wöhler GS 300 Gas Sniffer is a gas leak detector for the tightness control and for the leakage testing of gas tubes. The advantages of the Wohler GS 300 Gas Sniffer are a meter that shows the concentration of methane and propane on a bar graph display from 0 ppm to 1200 ppm. The Wohler GS 300 alerts users of the presence of gas either with an audible beep or vibration.       This new product came as a direct result of customer feed-back.   Wohler USA prides itself on listening to our customers and reacting to their needs with new and innovative product research and development.  For pricing and availability please contact your HVAC or Plumbing distributor.

Wohler USA– www.woehler.de

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