Fagan Runs to Raise Funds for Oil Heat Institute’s Charitable Foundation


“I’m doing it again!”

So writes Roberta J. Fagan, executive director of the Oil Heat Institute of Rhode Island, meaning that she is going to participate in the four-mile Citizens Bank Pell Bridge Run on Sunday, Oct. 23, to raise money for the Institute’s Charitable Foundation

“I will be running to raise funds to help our most vulnerable Rhode Island heating oil consumers keep warm this winter,” Fagan writes. “Even with the low price of energy these days, keeping warm is still a challenge for our friends living at or below the poverty level. The Rhode Island Oil Heat Charitable Foundation helps individuals and families in need to offset the cost of staying warm. The Foundation also works with the regional National Guard office to help Rhode Island veterans and their families with heating oil delivery needs.

“Last year I raised, with your help, $915,” Fagan writes. “These funds helped Rhode Island individuals and/or families with emergency home heating fuel needs last year. The cost of heating fuel is relatively low right now, but here in Rhode Island we have many individuals and families who live below the poverty level and struggle to pay for basic necessities of life—like heat and hot water!

One part of the mission of the Rhode Island Charitable Foundation is to help those at risk with emergency fuel deliveries.”


The program relies heavily on the generosity of several fuel wholesalers who donate the gallons, as well as private donations that help supplement the program, Fagan said.

To donate, go here.


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