Westmor Industries Redesigns Blueline Bobtail Piping


 Westmor Industries redesigned its bobtail piping to create leak-free connections, the company announced. The new design uses flanged connections instead of threaded connections which drastically decreases the chance of a leak and allows for easier repairs than previous designs, the company said. The new design is the new standard for Westmor, the company said.

Headquartered in Morris, Minn., with satellite locations throughout the Midwest, Westmor Industries is a privately owned company with more than 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 500 employees. The company’s products are used to store, transport and dispense petroleum, propane and other liquids and gases “from Pipeline to Pump.” In addition, Westmor provides aftermarket support including parts sales, product repair, infrastructure installation and in-field services.


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