HVAC Job-Seekers

Do you have a current job opening and need a qualified person to fill it? It’s that time of year again at Manchester Community College, in Manchester, N.H. The HVAC students are graduating with their associate degrees, or certificates in heating or AC, or both. “Our students are motivated and qualified to enter the industry,” says HVAC Program Coordinator Eddie Curran. “They have shown their level of commitment by investing in their education. They have received over one thousand hours of training, including roughly five hundred hours of hands-on lab experience. If you’re only looking for summer help and not full-time employees, MCC students, who are completing their first year, are extremely interested in an opportunity to work in the field for the summer. Most of them already have their gas fitter’s trainee license and have accumulated some hours in the lab. They want to work full-time in the field for the summer to accumulate more hours. Take advantage of this free opportunity.

For more information, contact Curran at ecurran@ccsnh.edu.

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