Bergquist Updates Online Storefront, Streamlines Ordering

Bergquist, Inc., a wholesale propane equipment distributor, updated its Online Storefront to improve user experience, simplify transactions and increase access to its product catalog.

The updated storefront is designed to look less like a catalogue and more like an online retail store. “We used feedback from our customers to improve the layout and experience,” said Don Montroy, director of marketing for the company, which is based in Toledo, Ohio.

Searching for items by keyword or part number has been made easier and more product images are provided, to help customers choose the proper items for their “cart,” the company said. The checkout process has been streamlined, with a cleaner, more comprehensive look, letting purchasers efficiently review their products.

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Payment and invoicing remain seamless, so that customers can find their account summary, order history, open invoices and paid invoices similar to what they were before the redesign, the company said.

“We’re eager for feedback from our customers on the redesign,” said Montroy. “Since we launched the Online Storefront ten years ago, we’ve been collecting feedback to perfect this system and hope this refresh satisfies most, if not all of those requests.”

The Bergquist website integrates with the Online Storefront, making for an easy transition from gathering information about the company and its products to shopping. For more information about Bergquist’s 12,000 products in stock, visit Follow Bergquist, Inc. at or

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