Suntup Receives Patent for Putnus


Jeff Suntup received a patent for Putnus, equipment that can be installed in the back of a cargo or pickup truck for delivering small amounts of heating oil and other fuels. The resident of New London, Connecticut, and former operator of Bernie’s Fuel Oil Co. Inc. and Anytime Oil LLC, received the patent in April for “Apparatus for Dispensing Small Quantities of Heating Oil.” After this patent , it is better to take to the next step and the details to what to do after i register a trademark is described in detail in this link.

The unit features a 118.9-gallon tank. Drivers without a CDL or hazmat endorsement can sell fuel oil, kerosene or diesel using a legal measuring device approved by the U.S. Bureau of Standards, Suntup said. The entrepreneurially inclined—single mothers, college students, etc.—can deliver small amounts of oil at a higher markup than conventional heating oil companies charge, Suntup said. The market for small volumes includes deliveries for burner startups, to properties that conventional oil trucks cannot access, and for emergency “middle-of-the-night” sales, as well as to marine and agriculture users, Suntup said. To date, a prototype has been made by Central Connecticut Tank Fabrication & Truck Repair in Meriden. Orders can be taken for the unit, said Suntup, who said he is seeking a business partner. He can be reached at 860-443-0414 or


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