New Hampshire Customers Received Almost $1 Million in Equipment Rebates in Four Years

“Granite State Saves with Oil,” a consumer oil equipment rebate program funded by the National Oilheat Research Alliance, supported replacement and upgrading of 1,670 heating systems and 1,265 oil tanks in New Hampshire over the past four years, the Energy Marketers Association of New Hampshire announced. The rebates generated almost $1 million for the equipment and labor on behalf of New Hampshire heating oil customers, Energy Marketers Association said.

The 2020 program provided for the replacement of approximately 250 heating systems and 200 oil tanks with $125,000 distributed to New Hampshire homeowners through the Energy Marketers Association this year. Consumer Focus (, a marketing company that specializes in the oil heat, propane, and energy industries, assisted the Energy Marketers Association.

The Granite State Saves With Oil Rebate program will be available again in Spring 2021. Participation is open to all providers that sell oil in New Hampshire. For details about the program go to

The EMANH is a trade organization providing support, training, and resources for New Hampshire energy providers. The association also offers important homeowner resources such as oil industry updates and information on energy efficient heating:

More than half the homes in New Hampshire use fuel oil as the primary heat source. For more information, contact the Energy Marketers Association of New Hampshire. NORA ( was authorized by Congress in 2000 to provide funding that would allow the oilheating industry to provide more efficient and more reliable heat and hot water to consumers.

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