14th Annual Cargas Energy Summit Adopts ‘Hybrid’ Approach in 2022

Cargas Energy Summit returned in-person this year, bringing more than 170 energy industry professionals to the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square in Lancaster, PA.

The annual event gives Cargas Energy customers and partners the opportunity to take part in educational sessions, get a glimpse of upcoming features and enhancements, and connect with one another.  

After two years with a virtual-only format, Cargas Energy Summit adopted a hybrid approach for 2022, held from September 13 through 15.  

Professionals who could not travel this year enjoyed a selection of virtual sessions from the Cargas Energy team. Overall, 243 professionals from 80 companies attended the event. 

At the opening presentation, Vice President of Sales and Operations Dennis DiSabatino and Vice President of Marketing and Product Development Aaron Cargas spoke about: the people in the industry, the product of propane, and the potential for the industry to continue to be an integral part of serving their local community’s energy needs.  

Cargas and DiSabatino shared stories related to these aspects, from a 1951 ad written in support of new fuel delivery business owners to a gas company helping a Puerto Rican hospital operate uninterrupted in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  

Through these stories, Cargas and DiSabatino highlighted themes of growth and resilience. In a time of supply chain disruption and inflation, looking back at other periods of great change cements fuel delivery businesses as cornerstones in their communities. The presentation turned the discussion of growth and resilience to Cargas Energy software, once more focusing on the people who develop and support the product, the product’s ever-growing list of features, and the potential for Cargas Energy to transform how fuel delivery companies handle business.

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