September 2023

Welcome to the September digital edition of Fuel Oil News magazine! Sprague Resources signed a deal with Biofine Developments Northeast to bring a biofuel called ethyl levulinate to market. Sprague will also market EL, a product the companies described as “ready to revolutionize the heating oil industry by converting waste feedstocks into carbon-negative biofuels.”

Chris Scaturro bought a fuel company in New York State, and in this issue, he talks with Shane Sweet about his decision to go “all in,” why he’s certain that the “electrify everything” movement promises more than it can deliver, and the future of heating oil and propane.

There is a report on flood recovery efforts in Vermont. And the annual Tank Truck Directory for equipment purchasers.

Additional highlights of the September issue of Fuel Oil News include:

  • Emergency Assistance in Vermont
  • Sprague Signs Agreement with Biofine
  • Tank Truck Directory
  • Chris Scaturro Buys into the FuelBusiness
  • And more!

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