Charles Bursey

Humidity, Often Forgotten

Many of you may remember, as I do, the pot of water being placed on the kerosene kitchen range as an effort to get some moisture into the house. Well, fortunately the kero stoves and the pans of water have disappeared ‘ I think ‘ unless the wood burners are doing it! The modern homes of today are built very ...

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Another Sad Story

Some of you who are from the state of Rhode Island may remember the recent sad story of a family who died from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a faulty gas heating system. This story drew so much attention that the governor of this state ordered a full scale investigation as to why this happened. I think for most of ...

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Boiler Water Temperatures

Very often we hear about water temperature concerns on both the domestic and heating side. Many contractors have experienced calls with domestic water temperatures that are reported as too hot. Examples ‘ in the care giving nursing homes where the temperature of the water is not to exceed 110 degrees or the homeowner complaining the water is just too hot. ...

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