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Heating Oil Issues

Eight Stages of Oil Input

By John Vastyan It’s not often that you’ll find more than two oil-fired boilers serving the same hydronic system.  With a little creativity and a lot of technical aptitude, professionals at Petro Home Heating & Air Conditioning were able to provide a unique commercial solution in rural Rhode Island. This staged-fire oil installation recently proved its worth at the Brothers of ...

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Nearsighted-Revisited: Cad Conundrum

I recently got involved in a debate on one of the many Facebook groups I belong too. This particular one is just for teachers apprentices and boy-oh-boy do the “greenies” have some great stories about the “old pros” and of course painting tubes and “shortcuts” came up.

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Future Energy Trends: A Roadmap

Dr. Tom Butcher The 2nd OESP Roadshow, held in Gettysburg, Pa., at the Wyndham Hotel on Sept. 21-23 featured a range of educational session. One highlight was Energy Trends, an open and informal discussion with Dr. Tom Butcher, Brookhaven National Laboratory, who will be leading the National Oilheat Research Alliance’s research efforts. He covered a range of trends and future ...

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Awards, Insight Abound at Southern New England Energy Conference

By Stephen Bennett The Southern New England Energy Conference, sponsored by the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island associations, was first held two years ago, noted David Chu, CEMA’s member services director. (The Sept. 22-23 event doubled as the 64th Annual Meeting of CEMA.) Conference attendance from Massachusetts and Rhode Island has grown, Chu said in an email. Holding this year’s ...

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Heating Season Fuels Outlook Update

A significant development has occurred since we released last month’s Heating Season Fuels Outlook for 2014—a crack has appeared in OPEC’s price support wall. Historically, a lack of long-term discipline in OPEC was the order of the day for many years. Regardless of a commitment to hold prices at a certain level, invariably a member (often Venezuela) would decide to ...

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Fuel Quality + or –

Over the years, I think many of us have hoped to find the perfect fuel that would keep our customers warm and reduce service calls during the harshest of winters

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Steam Flooding

One of the most difficult service calls for many is the flooded boiler and the results. It's not unusual for this problem to require more than one visit to the customer, so let them know up front that you may not get it right the first or second time, but you will get it right!

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