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We have a pretty solid issue this month, where we review SPCC regulations; biofuels and filters; trucks and truck tanks and our usual selection of service coverage from our regular contributors and columnists. However, this is also the appropriate month to announce a few upcoming items.

First, within the next few weeks most of you should be receiving e-mailed requests to participate in our annual FON Sourcebook issue. For industry dealers and marketers we ask for your participation in a fairly short survey that aims to take a snapshot of the industry to allow you to benchmark your operation against those of your peers. It’s fairly straight-forward and most of the survey answers should be common knowledge to senior management, but some questions might require some limited research. Please make the effort. The more participation we receive the higher the quality the final product and the more useful it will be to our readers ‘ including yourself. As you would expect, all responses are STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

At the same time, our industry’s equipment and service providers will be receiving a call to participate in our Sourcebook directories. If you want a listing, please respond in a timely manner.

And for both audiences, the next issue of FON will contain online links to go to in order to fill out the survey or add or update your Sourcebook listing if you failed to receive the e-mailed request.

Speaking of online, we are currently in the middle of the development process to provide FON with a new, vibrant Web site. We can’t say exactly when the launch date will be (perhaps, by the time you read this column), but it is coming soon. We will launch it with a full splash in the issue that corresponds directly to when the new site goes live. Our staff is very excited about these developments, and we hope our online readers will be as well.

On a final note, we have discontinued our cardstock reader service card. This was done for several reasons. The printed RSC has been moving out of favor in publishing in general for a number of years because it lacks timeliness for both readers and advertisers and has largely been supplanted by online options. We have offered, and continue to offer, our online or fax-based ‘Quick Connect” service. You can find this located on the same page as the Ad Index. Feel free to use it when an advertisement catches your interest.

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