NEW Commercial Verifier Digital Fuel Gauge

U.S. Energy Group announces the NEW Commercial Verifier® Digital Fuel Gauge, an advanced ultrasonic fuel auditing device that is accurate to within 1/10th of an inch and enables owners and managers to prevent oil delivery discrepancies, manage inventory, budget fuel expenses and save money. The Commercial USE Verifier® integrates with the USE Manager Online Monitoring and Management software to monitor the incremental use of oil and provides daily summaries, detailed reports, oil temperatures, and alerts for low oil levels, short-cycling conditions and costly leaks. With local and remote access to all of this information, building managers can protect against delivery discrepancies, conserve their oil use and drive savings. At many commercial buildings the USE-Verifier® is used as a stand-alone double-check on accurate deliveries and for inventory management. This is particularly useful in buildings with limited on-site supervision because the system records the exact date, time and amount of oil delivered to the tank. In large portfolios of commercial buildings, such as Newmark Knight Frank, the USE-Verifier® is an essential component of a comprehensive Building Energy Management System (BEMS), working to conserve energy, cuts costs and improve comfort.


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