A Message from the Publisher of Fuel Oil News


At EPG Media & Specialty Information, we are here to support our customers, including our advertisers and readers, as we all navigate through the current challenging global environment. We are continuing to do business as usual, providing vital industry information to our readers as planned via various means – in print, online, enewsletters, digital editions, eblast, podcasts, social media, webinars and more. Our responsibility to provide current and up-to-date data and news has never been more important.

We realize the importance of brands staying connected with their customers during this time, and are here to help accomplish that goal in many different ways. Because, as challenging and insecure as things may feel today, we know brighter days are just around the corner. Businesses that continue with marketing efforts historically have been the ones that flourish most on the backside of situations like these, and we have the knowledge, tools and audience to help make that happen.

Fuel Oil News values its mutually supportive relationships with all facets of the industry—providers of equipment and services, as well as fuel marketers. Fuel Oil News is a venerable brand, marking its 85th anniversary this year, and we look forward to working together with you to continue that robust tradition. Stay safe, and let us know if there is anything else we can do to help as we anticipate normal business to resume.


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