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During my many years in this industry, I have spent hours both teaching and attending training programs. I have traveled to almost every New England state, and beyond, for training that I knew was necessary for me to “stay ahead of the curve,” as the saying goes.

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Gas Conversions: The Hidden Costs

Over the years, most of us have become too familiar with the words gas conversion. Contractors are hearing that their customers have decided (rightly or wrongly) that either LP or ...

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Getting (Google) Glassed

By Shane Sweet You exhale. It’s the kind of cold that you can see. Water vapor from your breath freezes and falls to the ground like snow. Your service department ...

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Keith Reid

The Future is Looking Brighter

We have heard all too often that heating oil is a fuel of the past. On occasion that has included voices within our industry. A variety of data points from this ...

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