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    Taco names new COO

    CRANSTON, R.I. – At company employee meetings at Taco facilities in Cranston and Fall River, Taco Pr...

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B20 in the freeze

There has always been an issue with heating oil (and diesel) and the winter. Adding biofuel to the mix does change things, but how much?

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Keeping Current with the Game

It's time again for FON's annual training directory, and it's also time to start thinking about both heating season and football season.

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The Healthy Home Comfort System

Recently I attended what I will term an 'energy update" training class that was focused mostly on the different types of fuel products: wood, coal, oil, LP and natural gas and how these products affect the consumer's annual energy cost.

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The Fights that Needs Fighting!

I always remember a scene from the movie 'The American President" where Martin Sheen (chief of staff) tells Michael Douglass (president): 'You fight the fights you can win? You fight the fights that need fighting!"

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