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Looking Ahead

Who can see into the future? The question comes up in our cover story this month, the “Heating Season Fuels Outlook.” Palm readers and others of that ilk might claim to be able to see what’s ahead. The experts we interviewed made a point of declaring that they make no ...

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‘Concierge Service’ Is a Step Beyond Full-Service

A basic full-service energy marketer is defined as a company that not only delivers fuel, but provides the associated 24-hour HVAC services necessary to repair heating units in the event of a breakdown. There are many levels of service being provided by full-service fuel marketers. Most full-service providers also repair ...

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Hoping for Cold

Winter is around the corner, and perhaps it will be a colder one than last year, as my associates in the oil business are hoping. Recently I’ve had a chance to speak with oil dealers, manufacturers and suppliers regarding their sales for the 2015-16 season and, across the board, they ...

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An Honor and a Pleasure

It has been a pleasure to be the editor of Fuel Oil News since 2007. It has been an honor to do my small part in maintaining a publication that has been successfully serving the heating oil and, more broadly, the distributed fuel industry since 1935. I say “small part” ...

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