NYPGA Spring Meeting

    By Stephen Bennett Michael Hopsicker, president of Ray Murray Inc., took on the role of president of...

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    The Propane Mindset

    By Stephen Bennett To venture into propane marketing with the mindset of a fuel oil marketer is a bi...

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    The NORA Rebate Program

    By Keith Reid With a successful reauthorization behind it, the National Oil Heat Research Alliance i...

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    To Hedge or Not to Hedge

    By Keith Reid Hedging is a time-honored risk management solution that is applied to a broad range of...

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    A Bulk Plant Built for Speed

        By Stephen Bennett A new bulk plant replaced an old bulk plant at Shattuck Oil in Pepp...

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Jurisdictional Systems

If you are a propane retailer, chances are you have heard the phrase ‘jurisdictional account” at least once. If you are lucky, you know the term, and either have your ...

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My Kind of Rebate

To say I have a love-hate relationship with rebates would only be halfway truthful. You can drop the love part. My experience with rebates generally involves going to the trouble ...

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Degree Days

I hope that most of the readers are familiar with the words DEGREE DAY, but if not I will give you a quick overview of the meaning. A heating or ...

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By George Lanthier Here’s an updated article from 1992 that still makes sense. I’ve been a great advocate of “two-stage” operation for a long time. I really think that a ...

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