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    Eight Stages of Oil Input

    By John Vastyan It’s not often that you’ll find more than two oil-fired boilers serving the same hyd...

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Some Thoughts and Cautious Advice

By Charlie Bursey Now that winter is approaching, more and more companies are finding themselves getting calls from customers that were told in the spring that a new boiler or ...

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Lying Down

Whether you are involved in the natural gas liquids sector, or are compassionately adverse to the efforts of that sector, one thing is clear—they have taken a pounding in the ...

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Government Is back in Business, and FON Turns 80

By Keith Reid One truism is that government tends to grind to a halt between March and November of any election year. Campaigning becomes the primary job during that time ...

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Webinar Training

During my many years in this industry, I have spent hours both teaching and attending training programs. I have traveled to almost every New England state, and beyond, for training that I knew was necessary for me to “stay ahead of the curve,” as the saying goes.

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