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An honor and a pleasure

It has been a pleasure to be the editor of Fuel Oil News since 2007. It has been an honor to do my small part in maintaining a publication that has been successfully serving the heating oil and, more broadly, the distributed fuel industry since 1935. I say “small part” ...

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The Power of the Employee

Many owners and managers are still asking the age-old question, “Where can I find good HVAC employees?” I hear it frequently. Owners and managers today go to great lengths to attract employees, using advertisements in several types of media, including radio, newspapers and trade magazines. I recently spotted a 4-foot ...

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shane sweet june 2015 at Ray Murray show

Cool Factor

A few months ago I heard of a gent from California who was doing some interesting things with old propane tanks. I Googled him, and the images of propane tank creations on his website blew me away. So I called him.   His name is Colin Selig. I explained my connection ...

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Health Issues & Domestic Hot Water

by George Lanthier*   The production of domestic hot water is an important issue in controlling the spread of disease in humans and animals. DHW is essential today in residential, commercial and industrial applications, not only in the preparation of foodstuffs, but also as a key element of most local, ...

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