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    Oil? Dirty? Not Anymore

    By Dan Vastyan Corbin Fuel Co. started out as an ice and coal delivery service nearly 100 years ago,...

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The Ductless Mini Split Rage

Since about 2005 I have been following the ductless mini split system market, although I’ve heard that they have been around since the mid-60s. I must say over the past ...

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shane sweet june 2015 at Ray Murray show


In the past decade, natural gas utilities have added 300,000 miles of distribution mains to serve 17 million more customers.” —American Gas Association The above was the opening slide from ...

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Who or What Is a Rep?

Many of you may wonder about the person referred to as the Rep.—what his or her job really is. In this column I will try my best to offer the ...

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Free Markets are Great, We Should Try Them Sometime

Some of my best friends in this industry on both the heating fuels and motor fuels sides are lobbyists. I work with them closely on a range of editorial projects, ...

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